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We're your one-stop shop for all your electrical and electronic waste. Sustainability ethics is the prime moto of our organisation thus putting environment, economy and social aspects of the country at balance.

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We adhere to our Sustainable Development Goals

  • Goal 5

    Gender Equality

  • Goal 8

    Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • Goal 9

    Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  • Goal 11

    Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Goal 13

    Climate Action

  • Goal 17

    Partnerships for the Goals

For a Cleaner, Greener Tomorrow.

India produces more than 2.5 million tonnes of e-waste and is growing at a rate of 5% per annum, making it the fastest growing e-waste producing country.

With widespread digitalisation, the generation of e-waste is increasing by the day. It is now our duty to create a strong change in attitude towards e-waste recycling and this is where Green Era Recyclers comes in as a professional recycler who understands the delicate nature of effective e-waste recycling. We are happy to represent a sustainable future.

What is e-waste?

Any electronic or electrical product which is discarded.

What's the issue?

India's e-waste generation is rising at the rate of 5% every year.

What are the benefits of recycling e-waste?

Improve air quality by reducing contamination by toxins.

Preserve biodiversity of the environment.

Prevent irreversible damage in ecosystem.

Reduce health effects.

Urban mining resulting in resource utilisation for the country.

Our contribution to the planet so far

  • 2,82,033

    No. of trees equiv. absorption of CO2 per year

  • 56,40,652 Kg

    CO2 emissions saved

  • 1,750 Kilo

    Litres of Water Saved

  • 17,49,582 Kg

    E-waste diverted from landfills/open burning

*Actual statistics for the year 2017 till May 2023

Companies that trust in us
  • Canara Bank
  • Epson
  • Hella
  • LCB
  • Seforge
  • TVS Electronics
  • Xiaomi
  • Asianet

Customised E-waste solutions


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We have a partnership to meet your needs

  • Saves time and money & ensures chain of custody is maintained
  • Compliance and certification
  • Fully trained and experienced clearance from your location
  • Zero disruption to your business
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We serve
  • Producers and Manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Institutions
  • Industries
  • IT companies
  • Public and Private sectors
  • Consumers

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Greenera has been our partner for the last 3 years and we have had good mutual growth over the past years. Kudos to Prasanth, who is running the show - ensuring both technical and business part is well-balanced with a strong team to support him and the company. Looking forward to work more with Greenera in terms of ensuring more quantities of E-waste is channelised & recycled - promoting responsible behaviour across different aspects of the society.

Rohan Massey

Saahas Zero Waste

Professional Service, Responsible, Timely Pickup

Chandrasekaran R

CGVAK Software And Exports Limited

Professional Service

Cladius King

V-Guard Industries Ltd

Responsible, Timely Pickup


Ganga Medical Centre & Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.

Hulladek has been actively working with Green Era recyclers over the course of last 4 years. We are very happy with the services provided by them. Prompt response and timeliness action is something which makes it very easy and effortless to work with them. We would look forward to a great relationship in our years to come as well

Nandan Mall

Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd

Types of e-waste we accept
  • IT and telecommunication devices
  • Consumer large and small households equipments
  • Medical and lab devices
  • Electrical and lighting equipment
  • Industrial devices
  • Electronic Toys

We handle electrical and electronic wastes (e-waste) only.

Awards & Honours

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Socio Environmental Champion Award


Green Excellence Award


We love talking about recycling, sustainability, and climate action


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