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Who are we?

Green Era Recyclers is a Coimbatore based e-waste recycling company with a strong will to reduce the amount of E-wastes accumulating every year.

We are authorised by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

In Green Era Recyclers, we adopt an effective end to end recycling and disposal technology. We have come up with an unparalleled e-waste recycling solution with eminent supervision and excellent technology to put a permanent halt to the vicious degradation of our earth.

Let’s bring into action what is possible from our part. Let’s try not to destroy our environment. Let’s try not to destroy many innocent lives. Let’s recycle.

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Reverse Logistics

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Data Destruction

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Asset Management

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Extended producer responsibility of producers should be beyond the factory gates... Learn more

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Why Green Era?

Green Era Recyclers recycles the e-waste generated most scientifically. We function by collecting, refurbishing, material recovering, and recycling of e-waste collected from every possible generator in the city. The toxins created due to improper e-waste management causes all kinds of pollution which will be inevitable destruction of the environment and living beings. Green Era Recyclers are prone to build a healthy environment by proper E-waste management. We are determined about the necessity of sound E-waste management. And we have a substantial environmental background which will be utile for our green goal. We abide by the rules and regulations as amended by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry(MOEF), Central and State Pollution control board(CPCB & SPCB)


Realtime Environmentalists.


Tailored solution on all types of E-waste.


First recycler in Tamil Nadu to introduce E-waste bin for the channelised system in household.

Our Statistics

Recycled 500 Tonnes of old tech

967.2 tons of CO2 emissions saved

Handling 150+ clients throughout India by 2020

Our Clients

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Mr. Sujith Agarwal, CEO—Crastsman Automation, Coimbatore.

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Incubatee of Vel Tech TBI

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