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Green Era Recyclers are glad to provide our environmentally safe services to each and every individual. We are authorized to handle an annual capacity of 2190 tonnes.

Our Services can be availed by

  1. MNCs
  2. Software and Hardware Companies
  3. Industries
  4. Institutions
  5. Hospitals
  6. Government and Aides Organisations
  7. Households
  8. Individuals


There is only one sustainable solution in effectively tackling the global e-waste challenge and that is by recycling. As certified e-waste recyclers at Green Era, we consider e-waste recycling as an irrefutable opportunity to rejuvenate the earth in the safest way possible. The efficiency and precision in our operational methodology provides us an edge in the world of e-waste recycling. We are committed in ensuring that the latest technological advances in our field are studied, analysed, applied and implemented in our process, so as to maximise our contribution to making the earth a better place for all of us.

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Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics service takes care of all the logistics demands that arise during the process of e-waste management.

At Green Era, we take pride in being a holistic service provider to our clients. To fulfil any potential requirements of our clients, we have fully equipped ourselves with the ability to handle any unused, defective, outnumbered materials, equipment, items or products. We have a designated team that ensures that we operate a reverse logistics network with efficient, well-integrated and transparent logistical practices. We also have a Presence Across Nation (PAN) to enable collection from any part of India.

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Data Destruction

At Green Era, we understand the importance of information security and our role in ensuring that the data entrusted with us is properly destroyed.

The process of Data Destruction should secure the confidential data stored in our devices such as hard drives of laptops, computers, and servers. We guarantee that all of your data are diligently wiped using clinical methods with the help of expert professionals. The data destruction process in Green Era recyclers has been designed with due diligence after thoroughly considering all aspects of data security, to ensure that no professional tool can retrieve the wiped data.

Our foremost responsibility as a service provider is to render excellent service quality to our clients. We aspire to provide customized services, so we offer various types of data destruction in our crusade to cater individually to each client's needs and requirements.

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Asset Management

As the useful life of an asset nears its end, the asset must be disposed off. Retirement often includes transitioning users to other resources, updating asset records, canceling support agreements, terminating license renewals and initiating the planning for replacement assets.

Our services are tailor-made for order requests, invoice submission, asset reporting and certificates of data destruction.

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EPR Implementation & Partnering

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a Government-mandated obligation, where producers of notified equipment (their consumables or components or parts or spares) as enlisted under Schedule 1 of e waste (Management) Rules, 2016 are responsible for adopting environmental-friendly waste management practices to ensure its safe disposal, after the said products have reached its end-of-life.

We at Green Era take on the responsibility for the collection and channelization of e waste on behalf of e waste producers.

Green era recyclers encourage producers to join the extended product responsibility chain with our comprehensive and integrated process of e-waste management.

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We, at Green Era, provide certificates to our clients for recycling their e-waste with us. This certificate is an auditable document that provides immunity to the producer organization from inquiry by any external body. It authenticates the fact that the company has recycled and disposed their electronic and electrical waste through an authorized e-waste recycler.

Compliance and proper documentation of form-2, form-3, form-6 and certificate of recycling in accordance with E waste management rules 2016 is transparent to our clients and Pollution control board.

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