About us

We are the Future

The generation of e-waste is increasing day by day with large scale digitisation. Being the fastest growing economy, India generates more than 2.5 million tons of E-waste and it is increasing by five percent per annum. It has become our responsibility to instill a firm attitudinal shift in the process of recycling e-waste and that's exactly where Green Era comes in, a formal recyclers who understands the delicacy of proper e-waste recycling. Hence, we are proud to be the emissary of a sustainable future.

Meet Prasanth

Prasanth Omanakuttan

Managing Partner

Prasanth Omanakuttan is the founder of Green Era Recyclers. He is an entrepreneur with a vision. A vision only a few could afford to be passionate about. He had taken up environmental engineering which led to the e-waste which became the purpose and pathway to his dream. Being an Enviroprenuer it is his dream to have sustainability in modernization. Prashanth believes that the gift from mother earth is to be cherished and his goal is to safeguard and take forward the beautiful home to the upcoming generations. His long term goal is to make a positive impact on the global forum on climate change and carbon footprint.

Our Perspective on the New Era

At Green Era Recyclers, we have steady propositions streamlining proper management of e-waste. Hence, we make sure to work hard every day for a sustainable future.

Green Era Recyclers, invariably engage ourselves in activities that help in upholding our principals. As a part of this mission, we have successfully installed ‘E-waste bin' first of its kind in the entire state of Tamil Nadu, at Bharathi Park ward 22, Coimbatore on 20th August 2018 in association with CCMC, several NGO’s and other environmental organisations. The collection bin has separate columns for various kinds of e-wastes such as CFL, Fluorescent lights and batteries along with other electronic wastes.

Green Era also organised a mini-expo depicting the entire life cycle of e-waste, from the production to disposal of e-waste, describing its various consequences and influence on the environment. The expo delivered awareness about the life threatening outcome of unscientific e-waste disposal.

The enterprise is looking forward to installing such bins in more places inside the city and consider this event as a primary stride to an inevitable process for a sustainable future.